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Intermec Etikettskriver


Intermec PF2i

  • Intermec PF2i 
  • Direkttermo (DT) & Termotransfer(TT)
  • Ethernet - WLAN - 
  • 203 dpi
  • Label Taken Sensor (LTS)
  • Rea lClock Time (RTC)
  • Self Strip (opprulling av underpapir på egen spole)
  • Bag tag printer - Big topp - Full door/half door.
Pris fra kr.: kr.7 774.00
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      Varenr.                    Type
PF2TE820000221A1                PF2i Bag Tag Printert, Big Top, 220V EU, Std AEA
PF2TD820000221A1                PF2i Bag Tag Printert, Big Top, 220V EU, Std AEA
PF2ID00100000021                PF2i DT, 203dpi, Ethernet, Full door
PF2ID01100000021                PF2i DT, 203dpi, Ethernet, Half door
PF2ID00100001121                PF2i DT, 203dpi, Self Strip, LTS, RTC, Ethernet, Full door
PF2ID00100000020                PF2i DT/TT, 203dpi, Ethernet, Full door
PF2ID01100000020                PF2i DT/TT, 203dpi, Ethernet, Half door

Produktinformation !

EasyCoder PF2i är en industriskrivare designade för ut utskift av etiketter, biljetter och taggar i krävande miljöer där det finns lite plats tillgängligt.

• Stödjer Fingerprint för "stand-alone printer applications"
• Kan ersätta konkurrerande skrivare och äldre skrivare från Intermec
• Kan använda upp till fyra portar samtidigt. Däribland internt nätverk och Trådlöst

Teknik                                Direkttermo och/eller Termotransfer
Mått (LxHxB) & Vikt            397 x 178 x 194 mm & 5.5 kg
UtskriftshastighetUpp till    200 mm/sekund.
Utskriftsupplösning            203 dpi
Utskriftsbredd Maximum.  56 mm
Gränssnitt Standard:        • RS-232, up to 115.2 kB/s
                                            • USB 1.1
                                            • Wand interface for EasySet™ System
• EasyLAN Wireless internal Ethernet
• EasyLAN 10/100BaseT internal Ethernet
  Optional interface card adapters:
• Parallel IEEE 1284
• Industrial Interface (8 digital in/out, 4 analog relays, 1 RS232/422/485 port)
• Dual Serial ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA Current Loop

Network Interface Options:  EasyLAN Integrated Ethernet:
RJ-45 connector for 10BaseT or 100baseTX

EasyLAN Wireless
• Fully integrated IEEE 802.11b/g
• WEP 128 bit
• Supports IEEE 802.1x security
• Multiple industrial antenna options for maximized coverage

Fingerprint & Direct Protocol (beroende på modell)
Bredd: Minimum 25 mm, Maximum 60 mm
Upp till 185 mm i ytterdiameter (beroende på modell)

Kåpa  Metall

• Compact and powerful for applications where the demands are high and space is limited
• Superior throughput eliminates wait time at the printer
• Supports stand-alone printer applications
• Easily adapts to changing host environments and applications
• CompactFlash memory for quick and easy firmware, font and memory upgrades
• Can emulate and replace competitive and older Intermec printers
• Utilize up to four interface ports simultaneously, including internal EasyLAN™ Ethernet or EasyLAN Wireless
• Magnetic QuickMount™ printhead for easy printhead installation
• User selectable printer language

Product Overview
The EasyCoder PF2i printer is specially designed to provide rigorous bar code label printing in areas where space is limited. Users can enjoy all the features and benefits of larger bar code label printers, including stand alone smart printing, without giving up valuable space.

The EasyCoder PF2i acts as a “smart client” executing user-defined programs. This means the printer eliminates the PC, operates additional hardware (e.g. scanners, other printers, conveyors), accesses information from the network, and retains the ability to change as needed with the application for additional functionality. Using Fingerprint, the EasyCoder PF2i easily adapts to changing host environments and applications. This printer grows with your business and is not restricted by manufacturer printer command languages.

There are five interface options for the EasyCoder PF2i including network and wireless options. When using the EasyLAN Wireless option, any attached peripheral devices also become part of the wireless infrastructure enabling direct access for additional equipment to the network without adding costs. The wireless interface uses an integrated standard 802.11b/g radio providing 128-bit WEP encryption of the information relayed through the network. Intermec's wired and wireless technology ensures secure printing and network infrastructure for all environments. Each printer ships standard with a CompactFlash memory slot. The handy, inexpensive and PC-compatible CompactFlash™ memory technology provides quick and easy memory expansion for extra storage of formats, graphics, fonts and easy firmware upgrades.

The EasyCoder PF2i is designed to excel in demanding applications, printing labels up to 60 mm (2.3 in) wide with features designed to minimize handling. This printer maximizes label printing by using a full size label roll up to 213 mm (8.4 in) to reduce media changes. The magnetic QuickMount™ printhead eliminates hassles and downtime. The printhead is replaced quickly and easily with the magnet and u-brackets ensuring proper alignment - no tools required.

The EasyCoder PF2i bar code printer is exceptionally fast in throughput and printing, reliable, and delivers very high print quality. For applications where space is limited the EasyCoder PF2i printer exceeds expectations
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